Rules allow you to trigger certain email templates based on different conditions and settings of a booking.

Steps on how to set up rules

1. Click on Settings 

2. Click on Automation

3. Click on Rules

4. Click on Add a Rule

A box to the right will appear where you can configure the rule settings.

5. Choose an email template that you want to trigger

6. Choose to send this email to a customer or to a specific staff member

7. In the trigger section, you can choose the exact moment you want to send this email - for example 2 days after booking

8. You can opt to send this email to all the bookings you receive (any category + any item), or only when users book a specific product(s)

9. Choose which booking status(es) the email should be sent to

10. Limit the rule to a specific location if desired

From which e-mail address are outgoing e-mails sent? 

The sender email address for automated emails and rules is by default the same email address that is configured for the Bookex account. This email address can be changed. Please contact our support team.

It is not possible to set different sender email addresses for your automated emails.

In case you want to change the domain part of the email address, please check your DNS settings in order to prevent that the emails go to spam folder.  For further information about DNS settings , please see this article. 

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